Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m Dan and I’m a wildlife enthusiast from the South of England. I live in the town of Ringwood which is in the South of England.
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Ringwood is a small town that lies in between the larger town of Bournemouth and the city of Southampton. Technically it’s in Hampshire but only just- we’re closer to most places in Dorset than those in Hampshire. We’re also right on the edge of the New Forest National Park, although not quite in it- when the national park was created a few years back Ringwood was deliberately left outside the border so that it wouldn’t face the stricter building quotas of the national park.
All this means is that I live in an excellent place for wildlife. Ringwood itself is mostly surrounded by farmland and with the New Forest, the river Avon and the coast all within a few miles it’s a perfect place to be an amateur naturalist.
I mostly focus on the local area around the River Avon and Hightown Fishing Lake. I often venture up into the New Forest National Park and to local nature reserve Blashford Lakes. The area I report on isn’t really defined but as a rule of thumb I go with the edge of the New Forest to the North and East, the sea to the South and Poole Harbour to the West.
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